Incite Fitness was established in 2009 and started solely as a YouTube channel, with tutorial and how-to videos for bodyweight exercises.  

In 2013, Incite Fitness expanded to Incite Fitness: Outdoor Gym Equipment and started supplying and installing outdoor gyms. We started providing functional outdoor gym equipment as a response to the expensive and ineffective outdoor gyms that were being provided by other suppliers.

We built our first pull up bar in 2012 and since then we have designed and installed various outdoor gym equipment for both private and commercial use.

We install four ranges of outdoor gym equipment:
- OUTDOOR GYMS: KIDS. This range consists of various pull up bars, parallel bars, monkey bars and combinations for kids. The posts are shorter and the bars are lower. These can also be used as a gymnastics bar.
- OUTDOOR GYMS: GARDEN. This range also consists of various pull up bars, parallel bars, monkey bars and combinations. These are perfect for serious bodyweight training and can also be used as a gymnastics bar. 
- TRIM TRAILS. This range is more suited for parks where the equipment is spread out. There are 8 pieces of equipment that can be used for a full body workout.
- BARMANIA.PRO. We're the only UK distributor of Barmania Pro products. This high end professional range of outdoor gym includes pull up bars, parallel bars, monkey bars, combinations and abdominal benches.

All of our outdoor gym equipment complies to PAS 888, DIN 79000 and BS EN 16630. 

Our most popular services include:
- garden pull up bar installation
- garden parallel bars installation (dip bars)
- garden pull up and dip bars combo installation
- freestanding pull up bar (portable)
- freestanding parallel bars (portable dip bars)


The goals of Incite Fitness are:

Provide tried-and-tested outdoor gym equipment that can be used by people of all ages and all abilities. We avoid over-complicating our             products and only sell equipment that we would use ourselves. All of our equipment is installed by people who have used outdoor gyms for >5         years.
Promote fitness in schools by offering special "school packages" and providing teacher training. Everything we install is safe for children and       our training course ensures teachers can help get the most of out of the equipment.
Offer great value-for-money and keep our prices below all competitors. We use local suppliers and have a small team, who specialise in                 everything relating to outdoor gyms.

Why choose Incite Fitness: Outdoor Gym Equipment

Incite Fitness was founded by Neill Timms in 2009, when the UK calisthenics scene was in its early stages. We're the best known supplier in the UK calisthenics scene and have the backing of many UK calisthenics teams. Below are 5 reasons to use Incite Fitness.

1.     We have first hand experience of using outdoor gyms since 2009. The Incite Fitness YouTube channel has over 3,700,000 views and over            18,000 subscribers. We have been designing and installing equipment since 2012, ranging from pull up bars in gardens to full outdoor gyms in          schools.

2.   To ensure all of our equipment is installed to the perfect measurements, our installation team have >5 years experience using outdoor                   gyms and follow carefully created "Installation notes".

3.     Our equipment is DIN 79000 and PAS 888 compliant. These safety regulations ensure the outdoor gym equipment is safe to be used be               people of all ages and any risk of injury is minimised. 

4.     Prices start from £350.00, including installation. The average price of equipment from the market leader is £1,400.

5.    All outdoor gyms are sketched, using CAD, so you know exactly what you're getting before any installations commence.

Endorsed by

Incite Fitness is endorsed by the following calisthenics teams, companies and personal trainers.

- Bar-Zerkaz (www.facebook.com/bar-zerkaz)
- Crazy for Calisthenics (www.facebook.com/crazy-4-calisthenics)
- FizzyCal (www.fizzycal.com)
- Recession Proof Body (www.recessionproofbody.com)


Below are just some of the clients we have supplied fitness equipment and outdoor gyms for.

- Stormzy (www.stormzy.com)
- Jason Butcher (www.immortalink.co.uk)
- Solo PNP

- Lewisham Council (www.lewisham.gov.uk)
- Idmiston Council (www.idmistonpc.org)

- AECC Bournemouth (www.aecc.ac.uk)
- BarMob (www.barmob.co.uk)
- Block Workout (www.facebook.com/blockworkout)
- Brunel Calisthenics (http://brunelstudents.com/sportsclubs/BrunelCalisthenics)
- Evolution of Fitness (www.evolutionoffitness.co.uk)
- Fitology Hub (www.fitologyhub.com)
- Gover Gym (www.govergym.co.uk)
- Harris Academy South Norwood (www.harrissouthnorwood.org.uk)
- Hockerill College (www.hockerill.com)
- Living Retreats (www.livingretreats.co.uk)
- LucyPole (www.lucypole.com)
- Motus Strength (www.motusstrength.com)
- The Yard, Crossfit Peckham (www.theyardpeckham.com)
- Underground Gym (www.underground-gym.com)
- Women's Health (www.womenshealthmag.co.uk)