Personal training - 5 sessions (bodyweight only)

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Personal training - 5 sessions (bodyweight only)


Whether you want to learn specific exercises or work on your general strength, one-to-one personal training can help. The session will be tailored to your goals and can vary in content to cover any of the below:

- general strength
- bar endurance
- variations of traditional bodyweight exercises
- progressions for advanced exercises
- Cleaning up the form of exercises you can already do

This also includes a personal workout programme; these sessions will generally involve working through your workout programme so you are able to continue on your own.

Each session is 1 hour (can run longer if necessary).

Personal training is available in the following areas (please see the 'park finder' to see the exact locations):

- Kennington Park, London
- Blythe Hill, London
- Hilly Fields, London
- Clapham Common, London
- Bicester, Oxford
- Botley, Oxford
- Jericho, Oxford
- Kidlington, Oxford
- Quarry, Oxford

Please email for alternate locations.

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