125cm galvanised pull up bar

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125cm galvanised pull up bar


125cm galvanised pull up bar

This galvanised pull up bar is heavy duty and has been load tested for >300kg. Galvanised pull up bars are extremely durable and will withstand any weather conditions. Made in the UK.

Can be used for all types of bodyweight training, including calisthenics, street workout, crossfit and gymnastics.

Length: 125cm
Width: 3.37cm

What comes with my order?
- 125cm galvanised pull up bar
- 4 x M12 70mm coach screws

What else do I need?
- 2 x 300cm gate posts


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Also known as
- pull up bar
- outdoor pull up bar
- garden pull up bar
- chin up bar
- outdoor chin up bar
- garden chin up bar
- pull up bar for calisthenics
- pull up bar for crossfit
- pull up bar for gymnastics
- chin up bar for calisthenics
- chin up bar for crossfit
- chin up bar for gymnastics
- gymnastics bar