All of our outdoor gym equipment complies to PAS 888 and DIN 79000.

PAS 888:2013 Publicly accessible outdoor exercise equipment
The document addresses design specifications, test methods and correct installation requirements for outdoor exercise equipment. PAS 888 is the first UK specification for the full range of outdoor exercise and fitness equipment.

PAS 888 draws heavily upon the wealth of knowledge and experience available within both BS EN 1176 and BS EN 957 and is significantly influenced by them.

DIN 79000 Permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment - safety requirements and test methods
This standard specifies safety requirements and test methods for permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment which is freely accessible and intended for persons aged 14 years and over.

Until EN 16630 is available, the API advises those planning to install Outdoor Adult Gym Equipment to use the existing German (DIN 79000) national standards.